Ed is back! ÷



It’s finally here! (and I’m 100% listening to it as I write this haha!)

So last Friday 03.03.2017 Ed Sheeran released his eagerly anticipated third album ÷ or ‘Divide’ (and in my opinion it has soooo been worth the wait!)

Casting your minds back a little bit, some of you (hopefully all of you) will be aware that in December of 2015 Ed Sheeran ‘quit’ social media so he could take some time to ‘stop seeing the world through a screen’. Totally get why he did this as sometimes I think that we’re all far too dependent on smartphones, computers and tablets but that’s another blog post completely. He did stress that it was not the end of his career but more of a ‘break’ and that ‘the third album was on its way and the best he’s written so far’. Still, reckon I could speak on behalf of a lot of people and say during this time we definitely missed him.

You can imagine how excited I was towards the beginning of 2017 when Ed drops an instagram post to say that he’ll be releasing new music soon. Understandably a lot of people go into almost meltdown mode at 1. the fact he is back on social media and 2. NEW MUSIC!

Now I was a huge fan of Ed Sheeran when he released his first album +, I love most of the tracks on that album. I kinda fell out of love a bit with him on X as I wasn’t blown away with as many of the songs and I don’t feel like it’s an album you can just listen to without skipping a fair amount of songs (I’m sorry to the hardcore fans that love every song but I’m only human haha). But don’t get me wrong there are some bangers on X but because I didn’t love this album, it made me a little nervous as well as excited for his new music to be released.

D-Day arrived earlier on this year (think it was the first week of January from memory) and being the babe he is, Ed treated us to not only one but two new singles. ‘Shape of You’ I fell in love with instantly, I loved the melody and the beat of the song (this went in straight to #1 in the UK charts and has stayed there since – 8 weeks total so far!). ‘Castle on the Hill’ I admit I wasn’t crazy about at first, but I feel like it’s a grower (the more you listen the more you like it). It was then a case of waiting for the album and like I said earlier I totally think it was worth the wait!

Madame Tussaud’s in NYC

I’ve downloaded the deluxe version of the album through Apple Music but you can find it here on Amazon or here on HMV online store. The deluxe version of the album has 16 tracks on it and I can honestly say there is not one song I would skip through when listening to it! I think Ed Sheeran has managed to keep his ‘sound’ whilst including some new influences (like Irish Trad on ‘Galway Girl’). He has everything ranging from his ballad-type songs like ‘Perfect’ (which I reckon will become the new ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and be a massively popular first dance songs at weddings) to his hip-hop type style in ‘Eraser’. He also has plenty of songs that make you want to just get up and dance like ‘Barcelona’! He has everything covered from happy/sad to upbeat/slow ballad. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to this album yet (and in case you haven’t guessed) I would 100% recommend for you to go get it now haha!

★★★★★ from me!

Hannah x (1)


6 thoughts on “Ed is back! ÷

      1. Agreed! I think that’s easily the best track on the album. Do you think it’s better than his last two albums?


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