*insert name* will you accept this rose?

WARNING: This post will contain spoilers if you have not seen the final of The Bachelor 21! Therefore if you have not seen it (let’s be real for a minute, who hasn’t seen it though?!) and don’t want to find out then do not read on.

So last week saw us the end of The Bachelor 21 and yes, though part of me is ashamed to admit it, but this year I have been initiated into Bachelor Nation. (*facepalms yet is also so happy inside*) It was thanks to my new American friends that I became exposed to this series this year (I do realise it’s like I’ve been living under a rock my whole life – please don’t judge me too harshly haha!)


For those of you out there who are not familiar with the show (and I know you guys exist because before this year I was one of you!), The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series is one of the ultimate series in reality TV which aims to help one lucky(ish) man or woman find love from a choice of 30 men or women. (I know you’re already cringing inside but so was I when I first heard about it). Each week there is a 1-1 date that the Bachelor/ette chooses and then a series of group dates where basically people lose all sense of shame in trying to be noticed and win the affections of The Bachelor/ette, all in the hope to get a rose (with the infamous question – will you accept this rose?) which will see them through to the next week and eventually to the final where (they hope) there will be a proposal/engagement.

So what happened in this series? Well what didn’t happen is probably more the question we should be asking! I was repeatedly told by my friend that (in the words of Chris Harrsion…) this was one of the most dramatic seasons yet! We found it hard to try to call what was going to happen which kept us hooked even more on watching every week! From Liz who had already had previous history with Nick to Corinne who still has a Nanny at 24 years old (no, I’m not joking.) I can safely say that The Bachelor 21 contestants did not disappoint in providing interesting entertainment to watch each week, finally ending with Nick proposing to Vanessa (and happily ever after?…maybe, we don’t know it’s still such early days in their relationship!)


My feelings on this whole saga was a mixed bag but ultimately I was left wanting to watch more each week!

What I liked:

  • Every week I laughed at some point; the contestants just being crazy or delusional and Nick coming back to a comment with ‘Okay.'(it became a bit of a joke that me and the girls had with one another).
  • Seeing all the amazing destinations that they were flown to each week and watching the 1-1 dates and wishing that I could go on those dates.
  • The fact that the series is so exaggerated and staged that it gives you a chance to kinda ‘escape’ the real world albeit for 1.5 hours a week.

What I didn’t like:

  • Some of the decisions (including the final one) Nick made were just not okay.
  • The fact that I had become sucked into wanting to watch more and find out more (now following a lot of contestants and Nick on social media).
  • The fact that sometimes after watching an episode I felt my brain turning to reality TV mush.

Overall I would say that yes I would watch another series of this! (definitely cannot wait for Rachel to be the new Bachelorette and for Bachelor in Paradise)

What are your thoughts on this series? Have you seen it before? Would you be interested in watching it? Let me know!

Hannah x (1)


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