And just like that.

First of all an apology… (feel like I’m repeating myself from the previous post) but time has just run away from me since going back to uni in September and it’s been this idea that has inspired me to come and write this post. As most people in the world will know we’ve just had Christmas Day (25th December) and whilst having a chat with my dad on boxing day, we we’re saying how mad it is that there’s so much time and build up towards this one day and then it’s almost like you blink and it’s been and gone for another year. The same thought has crossed my mind quite a few times these past few months with my time at university coming to a swift end (I only have a few months left – not okay.)

Time just seems to be getting faster and faster the older I get (I know I’m not old old yet but it’s something you start to notice). I find myself saying more and more often ‘I can’t believe we’re in December already’ or ‘As if another year has passed’. It’s in times like these when you have these moments (and particularly around new year) that it makes you reflect, on where you are in life, what’s just happened and potentially what your future has in store for you. I genuinely find it hard to believe sometimes that I’m coming to the end of my time at university. I remember going through all the application process like it was yesterday and it’s a little scary to think 4 years have nearly passed but in the same breath I’m so excited for what my next chapter in life will hold (will update you guys in a future post)!

Truthfully I don’t know if there was a clear aim or reason for me writing this but it was just something that has been on my mind and this is what this place is for, for me to come and share my thoughts! Do you find time seems to run away from you? That there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get things done? Leave any comments below and stay tuned for my next post!

Hannah x (1)


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