What do I want from 2018? – Good question!

First things first let me wish all of you a very Happy New Year! I hope you managed to bring in the new year the way in style the way you wanted to and with whoever you wanted to! Now January has hit down many people have been asking me what my resolutions are for this year, what do I want to do differently in 2018 from 2017? And the answer truthfully is that I’m not making any resolutions this year! (I know, crazy)

For waaaaay too many years I have tried to set myself some resolutions and found myself having not thought about them again after the end of January so this year no more resolutions. I get it for some people setting a resolution or two works for them and I am by no means playing this down! Just not something that I have found works for me anymore! Instead I want to focus on the stuff I want from this year!


May sound like a stupidly obvious one but most of all I want to spend this year happy! Too often have I let little things get me down that really in hindsight shouldn’t have been things I let get me down! This term in uni is probably going to be one of the most stressful times I ever face so here’s to maintaining a positive mindset and staying happy!

Good Health

Now before you all think I’m jumping on the gym-going bandwagon…nope that’s not the case. That’s something I’m going to consider later on in the year when I find the time to be able to go again (not for weight loss either more for physical fitness – I’m quite content with the my body the way it is). When I talk about good health I mean general well being. I’d like 2018 to bring good general wellbeing both physically and mentally.


Both in working and personal life! This year I’ll be finishing up at university and graduating (scary) and moving on into the big wide world as a fully fledged adult! (at least in part haha) In terms of personal life success it kinda links back to the idea of being happy, I find life at least feels more successful if you are feeling good about it!

Now I could write a list as long as my arm probably about the things that I’d like from this year but I think these are my most important! 2017 was a great year and these things are just enhancing on last year, by no means changing it! It’s been lovely to see other people’s ideas about what they’re wanting to do (differently or otherwise) this year! What are your plans or resolutions for 2018? Let me know!

Hannah x (1)


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