About Hannah.

Hey everyone, I’m Hannah. I’m 23 years years old and currently not too long back home from living in the south of France for a year as a part of my degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) /French. Whilst I was there I worked in a local lycée as an assistante de langue. For those of you out there who don’t speak la langue d’amour or French as it is more commonly known, a lycée is the UK equivalent of a college and an assistante de langue is a languages assistant (teaching English) 🙂 I am aiming to go into teaching once I finish my degree. The more I post blog wise and hopefully the more you read, it will become clearer as to the types of things I like and dislike, just because I feel like writing a list of it all is super boring (and quite hard to write definitively). Whilst you’re here I’d love to take the opportunity to say how excited I am to be writing and a big thank you for taking the time to come to my blog for a read. I hope you like it!

About little thoughts from hannah.

So guess you might be wondering what exactly is the aim of my blog, the audience I’m trying to reach, etc. all good and valid questions. Well the truth is, as it currently stands there isn’t a set idea behind it all I’m just using this as somewhere for me to come and write because (unbeknown to my university lecturers) I’m kind of missing writing and I want to do something creative with my free time over here in France so this is the product! I want to be able to share views on things here along with experiences I’ve had, whether that be from my time here in France or other places I have visited. It’s going to be a mixture really and who knows I may enjoy writing certain posts more than others and my blog might become more ‘specific’, but it’s not a problem if it doesn’t. But I guess here is a short (however not definitive) list of the types of things you could find on littlethoughtsfromhannah:

  • Teaching posts – talking about the job I love and cannot wait to be doing full time once I manage to get through my degree.
  • Travel posts – information, recommendations and pictures from trips that I have had the opportunity to go on.
  • Review posts – I quite like reading so I imagine I will have thrown in a book review or two onto this blog! I’m also a big music listener and avid film and TV series watcher. I won’t be shy to share my thoughts or views on these either.
  • Reflective/life experience posts – something I come across somewhere may spark up thoughts and views on a particular topic. I will probably feel quite passionately about whatever it is that will come under this category (as I’ll be taking the time to come and write about it).
  • University posts – these will probably be on the short supply whilst I am still in France but my final year is coming up so be prepared.

And that is all I can just about think of for the moment but the most important thing is that I get to share my thoughts and experiences on here and that you like reading about them.

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