I decided to head to Berlin for a weekend trip in December 2016. This was because I’ve always wanted to go to an authentic German Christmas market 🙂 (we have them that appear every year in Manchester but I was always sceptical that they actually were like that in Germany) The dates of my trip were 02.12.2016 – 04.12.2016 and I went with Sophie (another British language assistant I made friends with here in France). Overall I felt like the weekend was a little short to be able to cover all the essentials plus a little more but I had an absolute blast nevertheless!

Place we stayed : Hotel Eligia am Kurfürstendamm

Really nice hotel, quite basic but that was all we needed. Location wasn’t too bad, transport links (both Metro stations and bus stops) a short walk away, easily accessible. Only slight downside was they were quite strict on noise level after 10pm. Not to say we were coling in after having a night out shouting etc. but the slightest of noises carried here so we had to be like mice when we came home! (I’ve added the link to the hotel above!)

Places we visited :

Brandenburg Gate





Checkpoint Charlie

Eastern Wall Gallery

Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe




This was hands down one of my favourite places I have ever visited! Really good vibe around the city and just full of history – it was great! Would definitley recommend to add it on your list of European destinations to visit! Will post some more travel info soon but make sure you have a browse through the other trips I have posted about!

Hannah x (1)